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Website Requirements

To build your website, we will need an extensive list of content, elements and information from you. Take a little time and systematically work through all the required items and return them to us as soon as possible, so we can deliver your site to you.

We have broken the content down into sections corresponding to the website layout.

Once you have gathered all the required elements, you will need to send them all to us.

Please read through this document and forward all the required elements as quickly as possible.

Failure to forward us all the elements in a timeous fashion, will impact the speed at which we can deliver the website to you.


Domain Name – decide on a name for your website. (This website package includes a .com domain name)

A .com domain is preferred as it is as a top-level domain, and is generally easier to rank in search engine search results, once you start applying SEO techniques to your website.

Finding a domain name of your choice can take a bit of time.

Use this tool to check whether the domain of your choice is available.

Once you have found the domain of your choice, drop us a mail at, and we will register it for you.

Note: As soon as we register your domain name, it will be assigned to a website hosting account. The 12 months hosting included in your website package, thus becomes active on the day that we register your domain name and expires 365 days later.

Email address – Choose an email address that you would like for your website. We can create 2 email addresses for you. Example- or (, will be the domain name that you choose)

Color Palette – Decide on a color scheme for your website. Click here to use this handy tool to generate different color palettes to choose from.

Section 1 – Header

Author Website Header

1. Logo – send us your professional designed logo. If you do not have a logo, we can make you a basic logo using a nice font.

2. Section background color.

3. Menu text color.

4. Menu text – Active (the color of the text to show which link is active).

5. Menu text – Hover (the color of the text when you hover over it with your cursor).

Section 1 Website Elements

Section 2 – Home


6. Banner heading

7. Background color of the section

8. Background image, if you want one

9. Impact statement

10. Button background color

11. Button text color

12. Your flat book cover, so we can create the book mock-up

Section 2 Website Elements

Section 3 – About Book

Author Website About Book

13. First letter highlight color

14. Brief description of your book

15. Highlight of your book

16. Your signature

17. Background color of the section

Section 3 Website Elements

Section 4 – Ordering

Author Website Ordering

18. Page heading

19. List of book aggregators to use

20. Your book cover will be used to generate this mock-up

21. Section background color

22. Button background color

23. Button text color

24. Book aggregator logos

25. Links to all your books on the different aggregator platforms

Section 4 Website Elements

Section 5 – Testimonials

Author Website Testimonials

26. Page background color

27. Testimonial box background color

28. Testimonial box text color

29. Testimonial and name of person giving testimonial

30. Image of the person giving the testimonial

Section 5 Website Elements

Section 6 – Marketing

Author Website Marketingg

31. Background color of the section

32. Your marketing campaign to collect email addresses for your list

33. Explanation of what the campaign is about

34. Auto-responder code or API

35. Button background color

36. Button text color

37. We will generate the book mock-up from your flat book cover

Section 6 Website Elements

Section 7 – About Author

Author Website About Author

38. Background color of the section

39. A photo of the author

40. A short bio of the author

Section 7 Website Elements

Section 8 – Contact Page

Author Website Contact Page

41. Background color of section

42. Background color of button

43. Text color of the button

Section 8 - Website Elements